Retail Site Location and Analysis

Your store's location and lease terms are among the most critical decisions to be made for your new business. DRSS has long-standing relationships with many leasing agents, landlords and some of the largest shopping center management companies in the country. In many cases, these relationships enable us to secure preferential terms and quick results.

Our in-house Real Estate staff of over 25 team members includes licensed Commercial Real Estate Brokers and paralegals who maintain real estate licenses in all 50 states in order to comply with each state’s specific requirements and ensure that every lease agreement is thoroughly reviewed and negotiated to our client's advantage. Normally, we negotiate several client locations at once, to maximize leverage and secure the most attractive lease terms for the new business.

While we work with independent brokers, we do not allow them to make critical site and lease decisions on behalf of our clients. They are simply not knowledgeable as to our clients' requirements and are often focused only on showing their own listings in order to earn a commission. The DRSS staff is singularly motivated to place our clients in the most viable location - at the most competitive lease rates.

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Lease Negotiation

Once a viable, potential store location has been identified, a DRSS Leasing Manager is assigned to negotiate lease terms directly with the landlord or agent. Typically, this includes a minimum of 17 key provisions in each lease agreement. Among these provisions are the obvious (rent, free rent, free time for fixturization, tenant improvement allowances, term of the lease, etc.) and others that clients are often unaware of. These lesser-known provisions include things like confirmation that restrooms are ADA compliant, dark clauses - which provide protection should an anchor tenant move out of the center - and relocation clauses, which protect you against the landlord moving you to a different location in the center without your consent. A properly negotiated and reviewed lease can save a tenant tens of thousands of dollars. An improperly negotiated one can cost a tenant just as much! DRSS Leasing Managers handle over 200 retail agreements annually and are skilled at review, evaluation and negotiation. Our Director of Real Estate reviews each lease to make sure that it is as favorable as possible to our clients. Clients are in constant communication with their Leasing Manager throughout the process, to ensure that they understand and are in total agreement with all terms. Only after the lease in its final form has been thoroughly reviewed by the Leasing Manager, Director of Real Estate and client - and all questions have answered to the client’s satisfaction - it is ready for signature.

EZ-Track Real Estate Portal

DRSS clients have access to a state-of-the-art information portal that allows them to keep a close eye on their project via instant updates, the ability to research real estate sites and to communicate with the entire Real Estate Department.

Key Features

  • Listing of viable, targeted Real Estate sites in your area
  • Detailed research on each site
  • Activity feed displays all notes and events related to your project
  • Leave messages which can instantly be viewed by your DRSS team.
  • Listing of important documents related to your project.
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