DRSS is looking for quality real estate brokers and commercial landlords to help us locate sites for our clients across North America.

Location, Location, Location

Finding a good location is one of the most challenging aspects of the service we provide. Our excellent staff of in-house site locators cannot possibly scout every available retail space. We are seeking commercial brokers and landlords from all over North America to help us find the premium locations that will help our clients open successful stores. We offer the regular co-broker commission on deals for recommended sites. Our clients are already approved, financed, and ready to go. All they need is a place to set up shop.

Most locations we are looking for range between 1,000 and 10,000 square feet, but it does vary from client to client depending on the type of business they wish to open. Other desirable factors include high traffic counts, good visibility, and solid demographics for the market. Ideally our clients want a supermarket or big box anchor nearby, but we consider non-anchored and street retail locations as well. Malls are good for teen and clothing stores, and an area devoid of post offices is perfect for a mailbox store.

Our Clients Bring a Competitive Advantage

A DRSS client is not your typical small business owner. They are well positioned for retail success thanks to the support systems and expertise we offer, for the life of their store, at no extra cost. We provide extensive business training by phone, internet, and in person. The training covers every aspect of retail store ownership, including financial controls and employee management. New Store Supervisors spend the first 60 days after store openings reviewing all operations and making sure owners have a handle on their business. Those first months are crucial to any small business, so we always work to get our clients working capital in their financing packages.

In addition to that, owners get free advertising support and additional training for the life of their business, at no extra cost. Our merchandise supplier network is vast, and we buy in bulk for all of our stores, allowing us to obtain dramatic price discounts and put our store owners in a great position for increased profits.

Beautiful Stores

Our professional design staff has built stores for over 4,000 small business owners. They design everything in the store, from graphics to shelving layout. They also work with the client to create an exterior sign, designed with an eye towards a professional and eye-catching look. The attention to detail provides our owners with a clean, inviting store that has a consistent, name brand look, giving customers a great retail experience they will return to over and over.

Our build-out crews are run by in-house supervisors that travel to each location to oversee the entire process. The crews install all fixtures, indoor signage, security systems, and shelving. They even stock the initial round of merchandise with the store owners for some last minute training. They can usually take a store from vanilla shell to ready to open within a week, leaving our owners with a fully finished product.

Ready to Join our Team? Here's how:

  1. Fill out our leads forms to the right to enter our real estate system.
  2. We will send you detailed notices whenever we have a client looking for space in your area.
  3. If you have a property in mind, fill out the Property Submittal Form.
  4. Please email or fax site plans, brochures, leasing rates, and any other useful information concerning the property.
  5. You will be contacted by a member of our leasing team, and if the property meets our client’s criteria we will begin the process of securing it for commercial use.

That's all it takes. After sign up you will begin receiving updates about clients searching for locations in your area almost immediately.

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