Millennials are the largest population currently in the workplace. Understanding what they're seeking, keeping them dedicated employees to your small business, and possibly learning a few things from this tech-savvy generation is important to small business owners.

According to, during the hiring process with millennials, don't drag out the interviews. They are accustomed to processing information quickly and don't like to drag out their decision-making process.  Whenever possible allow them to work in departments and on projects they're passionate about. It will impact the results of your business success and ensure you lasting employees. Be sure to ask them about their career ambitions. Perhaps some are interested in following your lead and starting their own small business.

As North America’s largest developer of independent Dollar Stores, Party Stores and Mailbox Stores, we are the top choice to help you join our thousands of successful small business owners and entrepreneurs. Our all-in-one, 100% turnkey business packages provides you with everything you need to set sail on starting your first business. We provide financing, site location, lease negotiation, store buildup, training and an incredible network of merchandise suppliers to get you on your way of business ownership.

We've maintained our success with those who have enlisted our services by continually staying up-to-date with the latest trends, the best small business training, and ongoing support.


Stop dreaming about owning your independent small business and contact DRSS today to make that dream a reality, and a possible reality for your millennial employees.

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