In the words of Walt Disney's If you can dream it you can do it!
Discount Retail Store Services knew this is 1993 when we opened the first Dollar Store in Las
Vegas, NV. With our success, we went on to create the Party Store and Mailbox Store and
Business Centers. Using our all-in- one, 100% turnkey business concept, we've gone on to
assist over 4,000 people to become small business owners.
We are North America&'s largest developer of Dollar Stores, Party Stores, and Mailbox Stores
and Business Centers.
Are you one of the countless Americans who hit snooze several times on your alarm clock, and
unhappily head to a job that leaves you unfulfilled and yearning for more? With DRRS your life
can change because we make small business ownership as easy, affordable, and successful as
it can be.
Becoming inspired to make a life change starts with you; staying inspired is just as vital. When
you enlist in the services provided as an all-in- one business ownership concept with DRSS, you
will stay inspired, up to date with the best ongoing support, small business trends and news that
has kept us ahead of the rest for over 2 decades. 4,000 successful small business owners that
utilized our small business concept and continue to prosper speaks for itself.
The choice begins with you making a call to DRSS today. If you do exactly what you've done,
you'll always get exactly what you've gotten. Let DRSS make this New Year’s resolution a life
changing one.
Contact DRSS today at: 1-800- 518-3064
Or at

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