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Worldwide Retail Store Developers (WRSD) is a subsidiary of Discount Retail Store Services (DRSS), a 20 year old retail development company that has opened over 4,000 stores for individual entrepreneurs and corporate investors in the United States. To accommodate increasing international demand for our services, we now seek energetic, professional sales representatives to be based worldwide and sell our retail store programs.

As our Representative, your responsibilities will include:

  • Selling our Turn-Key, retail store concepts in your home country as our independent, commissioned agent. Our International concepts currently being developed include: Dollar and Dollar Plus Stores, Party Stores, Clothing Stores and Teen Stores.
  • Finalize the store development contract with your clients at a price that you determine.
  • Advise the WRSD/DRSS corporate office of local requirements and special customer needs, provide dimensions, diagrams and photos of the prospective retail space and assist in managing the store's build-out.

WRSD/DRSS responsibilities include:

  • Identification and selection of each store's fixtures and merchandise
  • Containerization and shipping of the fixtures and merchandise
  • Providing, when feasible, a Build-out Supervisor and labor crew to build-out and prepare each store for opening. (We do not provide construction services).
  • Ongoing training and support to each store's ownership – in the form of classroom training at our corporate headquarters, or via a combination of online slide and/or telephone tutorials.

In addition to a base commission on the initial store contract, you will earn commissions on the store's continuing merchandise reorders.

Our International Value Advantage

Our International stores feature the same quality products carried by our U.S. Stores. This means that all merchandise provided by WRSD/DRSS is of the higher quality – including the packaging – demanded by U.S. consumers. Customers around the world are looking for quality, style and value – along with the low prices we offer.

Dollar Store and Dollar Plus

International Dollar Store

Our original retail business concept has proven many times over to be a very profitable business model - and current world economic conditions make this an excellent time to start a dollar - or dollar plus - store. Shoppers everywhere are seeking the best possible value for their money. The Dollar Plus concept explodes the merchandise possibilities by offering goods that sell for as much as $20-30. And the Bottom Line: WRSD offers merchandise for Dollar or Dollar Plus clients - worldwide - that is often not available at any price. International sellers are free to target the one dollar level - or whatever level is most profitable in their market.

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Let's Get this Party Store Started

International Party Store

The party store concept is growing - because people everywhere like to party. WRSD/DRSS has already built stores on five continents and are seeing a surge of retail demand in numerous countries. The booming party store market represents an ideal opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking an easy-to-run, fun business model - with a high profit margin. Every party store is stocked with fun - and party supplies like plates, cups, napkins, accessories, table covers, costumes, rentals, balloons of every type and the expertise needed to make every event a smash success.

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Teen Stores Rule

International Teen Store

The growing teen market represents another ideal opportunity for entrepreneurs. Teen stores are a proven business concept in a highly profitable industry. Each WRSD/DRSS teen stores is stocked with what today’s trendy teens want - tee shirts and other clothing, make-up and cosmetics, cell phone accessories, sports equipment, candy, school supplies, DVDs, toys, electronics and novelty items.

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Key Fact: Dollar store items wholesale for an average of 55 cents. Shipping anywhere in the world only adds 10-15 cents to this cost, for a total cost of about 70 cents. And because WRSD merchandise is of the quality standard demanded by U.S. consumers - and is labelled as such - it retains an edge in value.

WRSD develops 1,000 – 30,000 square foot stores with clean, inviting designs – based on the same standards we have developed for our stores in the United States. This standard model is customized to match the local needs of owners and customers anywhere in the world. Once the store's size, inventory and overall feel are right, it becomes a Store-in-a-Box: all fixtures and merchandise are consolidated, freight paid, in a shipping container at the appropriate U.S. port or railhead.

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The Seven Key Services Available from Worldwide Retail Store Developers™

  1. Financing and Credit Repair if Needed
  2. Site Location and Lease Negotiation
  3. Store Design and Build-Out
  4. Comprehensive Training
  5. Wholesale Merchandise Network
  6. Marketing and Promotional Templates
  7. Free Lifetime Customer Support

All fixtures and merchandise are consolidated, freight paid, in a shipping container at the appropriate U.S. port or railhead. Our relationships with international shipping companies and custom brokers facilitate timely and efficient, worldwide shipping.

Opening 4,000 Stores and Counting...

...means we have seen – and solved – virtually every problem that can arise during the process of developing a retail outlet. Our experience is incorporated into state-of-the-art training for new owners and agents. That training can be delivered at our corporate headquarters in Las Vegas - or anywhere in the world via internet and telephone. Our staff of in-house training professionals provides ongoing training to our owners – free - for as long as they own their business.

Store Build-Out and Opening

Store build-out and finishing is critical to the success of a retail store, anywhere. The fixtures we provide are of the same quality and construction used in our U.S. stores. The WRSD package normally includes sending our build-out crew to set up and install the store. Once the space is ready for occupancy, the store can be ready to open in as little as 60 days. We work individually with each client to coordinate the build-out process, including the sourcing and design of exterior signage and coordinating the timely arrival of all merchandise, equipment, and supplies.

Wholesale Merchandise Network

Blue jeans at a WRSD client cost of $2.50?

That's just a single example of pricing advantages available to WRSD clients. Having the right merchandise on the shelves is another key to success. Value, variety and brand names at the right price are critical. The WRSD staff of Merchandise Buyers personally travels to each of our key suppliers to inspect new items. Only those products that look and feel right are accepted for our wholesale merchandise network. New store owners worldwide are authorized to log-in to our secure website to access and order wholesale merchandise. There, they can select from over 50,000 SKUs of merchandise for shipment from their nearest warehouse.

Ongoing Training and Support

Our owner support does not end with a store's Grand Opening. Continuing training is always available either at our corporate office in Las Vegas, Nevada or via online training modules. Any new store, whether located in the U.S. or worldwide, is assigned a New Store Supervisor who provides advice and assistance on anything from sales and inventory levels to employee supervision. Our support is designed to match and exceed that offered by franchisors. The big difference is that WRSD support is free.

Invested In Our Client's Success

Success demands continuous growth and improvement. At the end of the first 30 days of business, WRSD offers a formal review of the new store. The owner submits a video walkthrough of the entire store and submits daily sales records, purchasing log, advertising history, payroll information, and the first month’s Profit and Loss Statement. Our Senior Management Staff reviews the entire package to confirm that the owner understands the operation of their business and is headed in a successful direction.

Our Mission Statement

Our pledge is to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations, and provide superior value and long term support - while maintaining the highest ethical standards. We recognize that the professionalism and dedication of each of our staff members is key to our clients’ success.

A Legacy in the Dollar Store Industry

James Wichert opened his first dollar store in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1992. Very soon thereafter, he began to receive inquiries from people seeking help in opening their own stores. Today, over 20 years and 4,000 stores later, Mr Wichert is owner and president of Discount Retail Store Services and Worldwide Retail Store Developers.

Continuing Strong Growth

The WRSD/ DRSS family of companies continues to grow at a fast pace. In many areas, the millions of U.S. citizens living around the world consitute a built-in demand for hard-to-find American products. For 2013, the projection is for 275 new stores around the world. Such growth requires dedication and commitment from everyone in his company and Mr Wichert is very pleased that clients are able to rely on his staff of experienced professionals. According to him, “The staff’s dedication is at the heart of WRSD/DRSS success.”

A History of Wholesale

Mr. Wichert also owns a large wholesale company which supplies over 18,000 products to its customers. The key function of the wholesale company is make quality, hand-selected products available to our network of stores. According to Mr. Wichert, “Buying products through the Internet or from catalogs is the same as buying sight unseen. How can anyone possibly negotiate the correct price of a product without seeing and touching it to determine both quality and value?”

We Are Not A Franchise

WRSD/DRSS clients own their own store and everything in it. Franchise opportunities, on the other hand, are expensive and come with many restrictions. Worldwide Retail Store Developers clients have 100% control over all aspects of their business – including all decisions regarding the store, site location, layout, hours of operation, merchandise, advertising, marketing, store name, etc. Because we are not a franchise, there are no ongoing royalties or fees. Clients do, however, enjoy the same ongoing support and benefits typically provided by a franchise. Our basic model is independent store ownership – without the burdens imposed by franchisors.

Foreign National Program

Worldwide Retail Store Developers assists qualified candidates in obtaining entry into the United States for the purpose of starting a business of their own. As our international business broker, you will be in contact with entrepreneurs who may also be in need of U.S. entry. One of your duties will be to assist them in obtaining visas.

Our staff has extensive experience in support of this function, including:

  • Identification of the correct visa classification needed.
  • Securing the correct forms and applications.
  • Ensuring that all supporting documentation is complete and in good order.
  • Providing customized business plans and letters of support, as required.

We can help facilitate immigration to the United States, or assist in changing your status if already residing in the U.S.